covenant partnership

At grace ridge church, you do not need to be a covenant partner (member) to attend worship or to participate in any of our ministries.  We welcome you just as you are for as long as you like.  You may find, though, that as God’s grace encircles you and He draws you closer, the idea of joining in partnership to serve and reach the lost may be on your heart.  
We do believe it is important to commit to a local church where we can give of our resources, serve others, be encouraged and be accountable…as one body of believers.  In fact, we believe it is God’s desire for His people to belong to a community that enables them to grow and become spiritually mature in Christ.  
New covenant partners join the church in the fall and also in the spring.   In order to join, you must attend 4 sessions of the FIRST STEP group.  FIRST STEP is held at 10:30am each Sunday of the school year at the Vineyard.  (We rotate through 4 different discussions each month).*   Communications Director, Emily Wilken and/or Pastor Lyle will lead these discussions and help you discover the unique idiosyncrasies of grace ridge church and our ECO denomination.   It’s a chance to ask questions and learn about our vision.  After you attend FIRST STEP 101, 201, 301 and 401, you may decide to join grc!  Or you may decide to wait and simply get to know us a little better.   Either way, we are happy to answer your questions and get to know you.  
*FIRST STEP 101:  The grc vision, our mission and what is a disciple?
  FIRST STEP 201:  What we believe, The mission and vision of ECO
  FIRST STEP 301:  Baptism, Communion, Small Groups, Ministries
  FIRST STEP 401:  Responsibilities of being a grc covenant partner 
grace.  that’s it.