Virtual Church


“Rise up, Lord!  May your enemies be scattered;
    may your foes flee before you.”    Numbers 10:35

As Moses cried “Rise Up, Lord,” so we do the same, and we trust that He will guide us through this uncertain journey!    We’re excited to announce our schedule of online events for holy week:
Tune in any time after 9am to watch either option!
Virtual Messages
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What Else?

Rise Up: Viral Prayer

Let’s rise up together in prayer daily @10:35am  (Numbers 10:35) to ask the Lord to Rise Up against the enemies, specifically against  COVID-19.  Let’s be united in our prayers to stop the spread of this virus, the fear and the global ramifications. 
If you forget at 10:35 am, just pray anytime.



Prayer Requests

 We understand that during this uncertainty and social distancing, anxieties can skyrocket.  We want to pray for you especially during these uncertain weeks.  Have a request?

Now What?

What can we do while we are “waiting?”
1. Make number 1 be: get up and delve into THE WORD.  There is NOTHING better to calm your soul.
2. Create a schedule that includes a family prayer time or devotion time.  Check youversion bible app for ideas.  
3.  Connect with loved ones and friends…call, text, email.  Don’t let this opportunity pass!
4.  Minimize screen time!  Sounds challenging, but social media can create unnecessary fear, as can the news!
5.  Savor the small things and rejoice in this opportunity to stay put!  Play board games, do a puzzle, throw a ball around, make crafts…whatever you and your family enjoys!  Make happy memories with conversation, special meals and laughter!
6.  Get outside!  Spread joy.  Do yard work for a neighbor?  Go on a prayer walk or a prayer drive.  Lift up your community in prayer!
*New Opportunity:  Wayne Memorial Hospital is looking for people to make masks.  If you are interested, please email:  kneier@wmh.org

Prayer Suggestions

Remember to praise God
in all things! 
Our president
The economy
The elderly
The immune compromised
School admin.
Financial provision
Hope in Christ
Light in darkness

Scripture References

Psalm 94:19
Joshua 1:9
Eph. 6:11
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Check out the grc playlists on spotify.  Search:  grace ridge church, and you will find two! 
Grace Ridge Church: Worship features the songs we sing on Sundays.
Grace Ridge Church: Zach’s Favorites is a playlist full of our worship leader’s current favorites.   
Recommended Apps for Kids
Follow CDC guidelines to protect yourself, those you love, and even those you don’t know!  Be diligent and responsible.
Don’t forget about the rightnow media options available to you.  Rightnow Media gives you access to thousands of bible studies!  If you don’t have access, please email us!
We recommend the YouVersion Free Bible App for anyone looking to have immediate access to God’s Word.  YouVersion also has many bible studies for all ages and the ability to study with friends.  
Download this app for a quality video series about the life of Jesus. 
Please check back often as this page will be updated periodically
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Thank You!