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                             doing life together
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Want to connect?  Small groups are a great way to grow in your faith while getting to know others.  They are limited to 12 people and are held at local homes.  Childcare is organized by parents in each group according to need.  We believe that small groups are life changing as we learn, grow, share and laugh together.   
                       I never knew what a small group really was and how I could 
                         possibly take time to be in one…until I joined one.  I gave it 
                         a try and found a group of genuine friends who not only help
                         me understand the Bible, but also pray with me and love me.
                         I can’t even explain the difference it’s made in my life.
Starting the first week of February 2020, our small groups will consist of three categories:  Women, Men and Seniors.  In this way, we pray that there is a place for everyone to participate.    Check out this video which describes the new model of small groups at grc. 


Clicking the button below does NOT automatically sign you up. It takes you to a list of groups from which to choose.  There you can input your name and email address.  Your leader will contact you to give you directions.

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