grc schedule

   There’s always something going on!   


September 16          Gavin Briggs
September 18          Lola Bowman
                                         Lucy Knapp
                Cooper McGhie
       September 19         Chase Cobourn
 Kristin Peterson
    George Maxson
    Jacob Shepherd
September 20  Jacqui Barna
This Week
Abraham House
Wednesday, @ 6:00PM
The Chapel
Adult Volleyball
Thursday, @ 7:00PM
The Vineyard
Honesdale 5th Quarter
Friday @ 9:00PM
Sunday @ 9:00AM
The Vineyard
Sunday School
Sunday @ 10:00AM
The Vineyard
First Step 101 Class
Sunday @ 10:15AM
The Vineyard Cella
Middle School FCA
Sunday @ 4:00PM
The Vineyard
Sunday @ 5:30PM
The Vineyard
Dinner afterwards
High School FCA
Sunday @ 6:30PM
The Vineyard
Coming Soon…